This website documents the project Rturbo/P. Rturbo/P is a dialect of the S language and its relative R. It aims at high performance statistical computing and stochastic simulation and is implemented as a lightweight and portable compiler. Rturbp/P is significantly faster than R and implements easy to use extensions for parallel multi-core computing and cluster computing. Current releases address more the experienced programmer than beginners. The system is available for free for various architectures and operating systems such as OS X, Windows XP/7, Linux and Raspberrry Pi (ARM).


  • New version 2013_11 released: Please read the Major Changes section in the Download Area.
  • Improved compatability with R
  • Improved file I/O and string handling
  • System libraries are now embedded
  • Parallel cluster computing added (fork)
  • parallel for loops added
  • Communication via sockets added
  • Ported to the Raspberry Pi (ARM)


  • is really fast! 
  • compiles a basic subset of the R language for statistical computing
  • provides tremendous speedups of existing code written in R and S
  • is our blueprint for the next generation statistical computing using the R language
  • easy to use and very similar to R
  • can be embeded into other languages and apps such as R, C/C++ and JAVA.

 If you know a faster way to run R programs, let us know!